Bust Halves Offer Variety for the Collector

Capped Bust Half Dollars dated from 1807-1836 are enjoyed by collectors from all over the world. The initial releases of these coins had lettered edges and were produced using a screw press. Certain design elements such as the stars, the date, and the lettering were specifically set in by hand. This way of making the coins created a variety of these precious coins that collector’s worldwide desire.

Later in the series, more advanced production equipment was adopted at the Philadelphia Mint. This resulted in more standardized specifications for the coins and the use of a reeded edge. This portion of the series is generally more available than the previous.

There are two entirely different series which are sometimes broadly classified as Bust Halves. This includes the capped bust half dollars and draped bust half dollar coins. Draped bust halves are available in two kinds for the collector, which is one with a small size eagle on the back of the coin and the other with a larger eagle, which makes them very different in appearance. Capped and draped coins are very popular with many collectors and desired by them for their value and for coin collecting.

Typically these coins are mostly encountered in circulated grades or with various problems. Advanced collectors will seek out problem free examples with original surfaces. For those with larger budgets, examples can be acquired in uncirculated grades. These are particularly expensive for certain lower mintage issues of the series.

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