The Flowing Hair Dollar

Only 1,758 flowing hair dollar coins had been minted and put into circulation, when production was halted in 1794 due to striking issues. A more effective press was obtained and production of the coin resumed in the following year.

The coin depicts a youthful looking Lady Liberty with flowing hair, as well as the date, the 15 stars that signified the Union at the time, and the word liberty. The reverse side of the coin features the recently established name of the country that issued the coin, as well as two olive branches enclosing an eagle with spread wings. There are dentils circling both the back and the front, and several variations of the design were made, including coins with two or three leaves under the wings of the eagle. All the coins were minted in Philadelphia but there is no mint mark, and on the more than 160,000 coins that have the date of 1795, no denomination information appears.

Today, silver dollars are popular and in particular, the flowing hair dollar dating from 1794 is a highly prized US coin. Only a small number of the coins are still in existence today and some fine and rare coins are regarded as being almost proof like.

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